How to Pick a Deer Processor

Many hunters use a deer processor to prepare their vension for storage and later eating. Types of deer processors range from backyard-mom-pop operations to taxidermy shops to professional butcher shops.  I have used all of these types of deer processors.  I have been satisfied with all these different types of services.  I would say that the common denominator in these pleasant experiences is the quality of the people who operate these facilities.

One service that I want with my processed vension is sausage making.  I love my smoked vension sausage!  I especially like it because it is ready to eat after it has been microwaved.  Probably the best experience I have had with smoked vension sausage has been from a backyard-mom-and-pop operation.  I have my sausage made extra mild (yes, I have a very wimpy tongue).  I like the option of having a very small casing.  A casing is the container, if you will, that holds the tube of sausage together.  I believe the small sausage is made in a sheep casing or sheep intestine.  The sausage in this fashion will be about 1 inch in diameter.  I believe the smaller sausage is tastier than the one and a half to two inch variety.

I have had a bad experience with vension sausage.  This was at a professional butcher and meat retail shop.  The sausage was not smoked and was of extremely low quality. It actually makes me queasy to this day to think about eating that product.

So, as you can see, sometimes the service and products you get are not what you expect.  I believe that developing a long-lasting relationship with a deer processor can be beneficial to those using their services.